Hola, having a good day?

Im so happy to see you here, I truly hope to impart some positivity into your day through my journey!

Right now I stay in Bangalore (a super tech zone in the south of India, famous for its thriving brain bank) and have a ever shrinking studio thanks to my one year old daughter 🙂

When I’m not in the studio, you’ll find me escaping to local hill stations, sipping tea, being a stellar mom to my baby girl or reading a gripping whodunit thriller novel.

FACT: I quit corporate, started my studio in 2015 and I do not regret anything about that decision.

Has it been tough? God knows it has. Then why do we designers crave for our personal space so bad.

Back in the day I worked on so many projects pro bono Id lost count! And thank heavens I did so, it improved my portfolio and pushed me towards a more professional setup. Yep, taxes and invoices is a huge part of my life (on some days more than design itself)!

The idea to be independent and work on multi medium projects is what was worth the effort. Now, I work with food, textiles, fashion, home, ceramics, wallpapers and so many other wonderful bases, which I couldve probably never covered in my desk job 🙂

NEVER SAY NEVER – My personal philosophy for running my studio.

If there’s a project that seems far fetched, I join hand with fellow designers and work it.